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About Dengeki Daisy

Teru was left little but a cell phone when her brother died, a cell phone that contained the text-address of an elusive character named DAISY who Teru's brother had told her would "Support her when he was no longer able to." DAISY became Teru's pillar of strength over the next few years as he sent her encouraging words through his phone whether inspiring or mere chatter as she faces her life alone. The story begins one afternoon as Teru is bullied by the student council. Teru accidentally breaks a school window which results in her working for the grouchy, cruel school janitor named Tasuku Kurosaki. As Teru begins working for the unlikable school janitor, her feelings begin to surpass that of master and servant and she begins to question DAISY's true identity. Could Kurosaki be her beloved DAISY?

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  • Linda Rosette Pierre

    really good! romantic without being mushy all the time and about as shoujp as it gets.

  • April Michelle Miller

    love it

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