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About Detroit Metal City

Soichi Negishi is a shy and gentle young man who dreams of a career as a pop musician. However, he ended up as the lead singer and lead guitarist of a death metal band called “Detroit Metal City.” In stage costume he is Johannes Krauser II, rumored to be a terrorist demon from hell, to have killed and raped his parents, to wield his giant death penis with abandon, etc. etc. Negishi despises DMC and all that it stands for, but so help him, he's a terrific performer and can't walk away from that. As DMC's star rises Negishi tries to satisfy both worlds, but can't.

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  • gantz

    my goodness!!! this manga was made for me!!!

  • perlestellar

    haha! I thought it would appeal to some hard core people out there. So far, the first couple of chapters were funny.

  • gantz

    hits right on the spot my lady, reminds me of the good old days. Stuff like this never gets old for a meat head like me!hahaha!

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