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About Garouden

What does it mean to be strong? What attracts men to fight in hand to hand combat? These and many other questions are explained and detailed in Garouden, a novel series by Yomemakura Baku (illustrated by celebrity manga author Itagaki Keisuke).

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  • Mati Golfito

    Is this going to continue? i want to read volume 23 :(

  • Rulo

    I want to reead vol. 23 too!!

  • Desaku

    Most other places I found only had up to volume 14, these 8 volumes have been like a gift from the gods…. but yeah, I want more.

  • courtland

    Bro you can read volume 23 on mangatraders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toothpick

    I collect the new japanese editions, they´re up to 26 atm. Even though I practically dont understand kanji at all you kinda get the big picture and its still fuckin epic. I guess its not that hard getting the raws though, if you´re as desperate I´d be, that is. Good news btw, good ol’ crazeh Tanba is back in the later volumes, kickin as much ass as ever :) Keyword of badass-ness: “Pizza” (you´ll get it)

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