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About MÄR Omega

MAR Omega is a sequal to the manga series MAR (Marchen Awaken Romance) It takes place 6 years after Ginta and his dad went back to their original world. Kai, a boy who idolizes Ginta, has no magical ability and happens to stumble upon Babbo. When Kai brings Babbo with him to his town, Harnau, a group of people tried to capture Babbo. They used fake ARMs which used their life energy. instead of the usual magic energy. Kai mysteriously can lift Babbo with ease like Ginta, even though he has no magical ability or power. This series centers around Kai, Alviss, Elise, and possibly Dorothy find the cause of the fake ARMs. They set out to restore Kai's town and to find the Unwetter, the person from Kaldea who made the fake ARMs.

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