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About Skip Beat!

Skip Beat! follows Kyoko Mogami, a 17-year-old girl who is in love with a childhood friend who wants to become a pop star. He treats Kyoko like trash and when she finally realizes it, she dedicates herself to become better in show business than he could ever imagine. Will she succeed?

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  • Morgan Meyer

    so far behind but is closing down and has it as licensed and unreadable :((( i need a site that is past chapter 161 on this manga

  • Pokeqween263

    so do i!!!!!! i want to know wtf happens next ive been waiting for weeks already

  • Tinycutekitty728

    I am seriously waiting so I can read what happens next. And they closed the only manga reading site that I used so I'm pissed.

  • Fireygalconstorm

    Aww!!! Finally I can see the romance! <3 even if its just a little bit..

  • Blue Kohaku

    Thanks for the big update!  But I think there is a chapter missing at the end of volume 27.  I remember reading it before, but I couldn’t find it this time so I think I might have been overlooked when putting it in volume format.  (it’s the chapter where Kitajima hears that Kyouko is twice as beautiful and twice as mature for the first time…)

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