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Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student plagued by yōkai, spirits with a strong attraction to him. The spirits are invisible to others and encounters with them are extremely troublesome. When he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, however, events in his life promise to become more unusual.

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  • Carolina P.

    This manga ends so abruptly. Doesn’t feel like an end at all.

    I realy enjoyed this manga, but it left me feeling underwhelmed. So sad.

  • nado

    yeah. Same idea. They’re so many question that we still mysterious!
    what about domeki’s egg? and why, watanuki forgets his origins? Yuuko is really human? arf….
    I’m just thinking that maybe, the “next” will be another manga, with another title.

  • RavenQueen

    The Chapters here only go through book 18. Acording to Amazon there is a book 19 comming out next February, so Chapter 213 isn’t the last chapter.

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